Letter: In fear of crossing Danbury Road

To the Editors:

I walk the Norwalk River Valley Trail two to three times a week, parking at the commuter lot at the corner of Danbury Road and Wolfpit Road, and crossing Danbury Road to begin the trail. No matter the time of day, I am always fearful when making this crossing. Here’s why:

  • The crosslight is short in time allotted to cross. I am a fit woman who is pretty quick on my feet. I can barely cross the road in the time allotted, and have great concerns about people attempting to cross with small children, elderly citizens, and individuals with dogs. I have personally witnessed — twice in the last two months — a group of elderly citizens who were not across the road before the light turned green and cars began moving. They looked pretty frightened to me.

  • Every time — and I do mean every time — I have crossed Danbury Road to begin or end my walk, many cars continue through the yellow light (sometimes at high speeds). More than half the time, at least one — often two — vehicles drive through a light that is clearly red. I have good vision; I can tell the difference between green, yellow, and red.

Most people I know in Wilton are concerned about reckless driving, particularly speeding (tried driving in Wilton Center lately?). We have already had fatalities on Danbury Road in the past few years. Now, I can run if I have to when crossing Danbury Road with a walk light (and I often do). I shouldn’t have to. I am particularly concerned about the safety of our children and our elderly.

Please, folks, slow down! And can we do something about extending that crossing time, please?
Diane Russ
Glen Hill Road, Aug. 26