Letter: Immigration policy is reprehensible

To the Editors:

The two protests you printed last week against Trump’s baby caging (Wi-ACT and Town Democratic Committee) didn’t mention his longer-term, larger-numbers caging of refugee families to await judgment of their refugee status. He’s bent on driving babies, toddlers, teenagers and thousands of good parents into slammers, traps set for three- to five-year delays. He calls his prisons “shelters.” Today it appears the only reason Trump slows lockup of refugee families is that his disorderly henchmen failed to scrounge up enough cages.

All to build The Great Wall of the Rio Grande as a monument to himself. He’ll proclaim it greater than the Great Wall of China, shielding us against evil hordes. His hate-the-immigrant poison (mostly rapists, murderers), like his sly hate-the-other-races poison, sloshes over us daily, pumped, paddled, and puddled by pols pushing for power.

Refugees risking their lives to get here beg us to honor the tradition of sanctuary that has helped build our nation. The character of brave parents who made it to our border is beyond the dim wit of this perp. We all need to start speaking up to our nearest Republican politicians, most of them cowering in silence, ashamed to defend their blowhard, hoping for re-election if people overlook their cowardice. Maybe a Democrat-led House in November will curb the monster before caged babies start dying.
Gordon Nugent
Wilton, June 26