Letter: Ignoring illegal actions

To the Editors:
Last Tuesday at the Board of Selectmen meeting the board rejected Sensible Wilton’s petition signed by 1,100 Wilton citizens who supported the request. Sensible Wilton’s request was based on the fact the referendum was not conducted in accordance with state law. Documentation was provided clearly referencing the law and highlighting some of the many violations. Those of you who are reading this letter can use the link at the end to check for yourself the law and some of evidence we’ve collected so you can make your own decision if Sensible Wilton’s statements were accurate.
At the board meeting the town’s attorney provided his opinion on the illegality of the revote request. This is the same town attorney who should have been ensuring that town officials complied with the state referendum law. We could find no documentation that he fulfilled that duty.
When we brought up the fact that the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee was formed with voting members who were not allowed by the town charter, we were admonished for not bringing this up earlier. I seem to remember hearing from our town attorney that he was an expert on the charter and it is my understanding that it is his responsibility, not Sensible Wilton’s.
Last Tuesday we saw a concrete example of how Wilton, with the aid of counsel, can choose which laws and regulations they will follow at any point of time. I encourage the citizens to see for themselves the video of the meeting and documentation on our website so you can form your own opinion. The link to the video and the other supporting documentation can be found at http://sensiblewilton.org/?p=307.
Alex Ruskewich
Calvin Road, Feb. 24