Letter: I will miss my friend, Ken Dartley

To the Editors:

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, I received the sad news that Ken Dartley passed away. Ken was a friend of mine and I felt I had to write this letter to try to show some the impact he has had in our town.

Ken was deeply involved in many activities to help others, without expecting any personal benefit. These include:

  • Together with the Madaras family and The American Legion, starting Kick for Nick where soccer balls were collected and shipped to our soldiers for distribution to children in Iraq and Afghanistan. This has now grown into a major charity providing soccer balls to many children living in poverty throughout the world.

  • Participated in the founding, and development activities, of the group that was able to get Wilton Commons built here in town.

  • A board member of Stay at Home, a group that was formed to help seniors who want to remain in town, but might need some help.

These were just a few of his activities, but they all have one characteristic, doing something that helps others. If you want to read about more of his accomplishments, Google: Wilton, CT Ken Dartley.

It is only in the last three years that he started doing something for himself, spending more time with his grandchildren which he loved immensely. As a friend I will miss Ken, and believe the town of Wilton, which he loved, will miss him as much.

Alex Ruskewich

Calvin Road, Aug. 18