Letter: Horseshoe Pond has many friends

To the Editors:
From the Friends of Horseshoe Pond:
Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us clean up many of the invasive plants along the pond on Horseshoe Road this past Sunday. We worked on the north end of the pond and made a small dent in the brush so the pond is more visible. This cleanup will be an ongoing process and a plan is being put in place to have continuous care of Horseshoe Pond so it can be enjoyed by the entire community.
Another thanks to all that came to Marly’s Bistro Monday night to help support our fund-raiser. Jeff Lavaty donated an oil painting which we raffled off at the event and all the tips from the bar went into our fund. Several of our group went behind the bar to serve wine and beer with the Marly’s bartender and it was a great success! Thank you Marly’s!
Anne Deware
Wilton, June 8