Letter: Honoring a hero

To the Editors:
I was one of the Wilton residents who, along with multitudes of firemen and military personnel, was privileged to attend the Celebration and Thanksgiving for the life of Philip Reeves. He was an unselfish resident of Wilton and the United States of America giving years of service to the Armed Forces, two fire departments and his community. The tribute to Phil was an outpouring of love and appreciation.
I couldn't help but contrast this day with recent pictures of disrespect shown by others through burning the U.S. flag and showing disrespect for our National Anthem. Living in America is a privilege and honor and those who choose to dishonor it are only reinforcing the best of this country (people like Phil) and proving their lack of positive contribution.
We have all seen many examples of the hate, division, intolerance and destruction that are taking place across the U.S. because a portion of citizens cannot accept the outcome of the last presidential election. In spite of being termed “peaceful” marches whose adherents profess they are inclusive and represent the country, those who do not agree with them are excluded from participating. Is this inclusive? I have heard a resolve from many to continue to "fight" for their cause. How does this line up with being peaceful? These demonstrations do not represent half of this country.
This election is over. Our duly-elected president and his administration should be given the chance to represent the portion of the country that elected him without the lawlessness that is happening. Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, but the opposition should also be allowed to peacefully express their point of view.
Not all of us or our views were included in decisions over the past eight years of the previous president and administration. Even though we didn't agree, we were not out there protesting and preventing the opposition from speaking.
Honor Phil Reeves and the many who have gone before him. If it were not for them and their sacrifices, this country would not exist. Look at the many other countries in the world that do not have our freedoms and be grateful for living in America.
Sally Siebert
Wilton, Feb. 20