Letter: Himes was blind to Obama abuses

To the Editors:

Jim Himes has once again shown what a complete fraud he is. Apparently his moments of calculation and weighing of competing interests included ignoring the previous presidents’ series of scandals. Party first, country second is his mantra.

Himes states the President attacks the free press, but I don’t recall Himes raising his hand when Obama illegally searched reporters’ phone records and emails.

Himes states the President attacks judges, but it was Obama attacking the Supreme Court during a State of the Union Address.

The left consistently says how the President acts like a tyrant but it was Obama who declared “if Congress won’t act, I will.”

Himes talks about his concern for truth telling, but I don’t recall him questioning the phony Bengazi story where Obama tried to cover for the deaths of four Americans including an ambassador. There were many more opportunities for Himes to speak out for truth and the Constitution during the previous administration but we only heard crickets.

It would be easier to take Himes and his accusations seriously if he had stood for truth and spoken out against the many other instances of executive abuse during the Obama Presidency.

Scott MacQuarrie

Wilton, July 1