Letter: High-density development a disaster in the making

To the Editors:

We cannot believe that Wilton’s Planning and Zoning commissioners allowed developers to insert an exception allowing a high-density housing project to be built at 183 Ridgefield Road.

Without a public notice, nor any impact studies on the environment, road use, town services and property values for homeowners along this state-designated scenic road, this is a disaster in the making.

If this amendment is allowed to stand and move forward, I suggest we need an investigation into who will ultimately benefit and how, because it will not be the current residents of the North Wilton area.

We stand with the people under the banner of Preserve Wilton and we will not be silenced. I suggest a big turnout at the Planning and Zoning meeting on Monday, May 8, at 7:15 p.m., will assure our voices are heard.
C. Texas East and Dorothy East
481 Ridgefield Road, April 4