Letter: Grateful for firefighters’ help

To the Editors:
A very sincere thank-you to Lt. Jeff Locher and firefighters Pat Garber and Mike Pryor of the Wilton Fire Department for their assistance on a windy March 17 when I arrived home after work to see that a large tree had fallen on my house and smashed through the side of my kitchen. Lt. Locher and firefighter Garber quickly and efficiently assessed the damage to make sure we could safely remain in the home that evening, all the while providing a calming presence and advising what needed to be done next in the process.
Because it was late and no one could come out to securely weatherproof the damage until the following morning, Lt. Locher returned with firefighter Pryor later that evening to put temporary tarps in place so that no further damage would occur to the home.
We are so very fortunate as a town to have such a dedicated and hardworking group of professionals respond to our calls and aid us during emergencies. I cannot thank these three firemen enough for their care and kindness that evening.
Anna Corra
26 Sharp Hill Road, April  7