Letter: Good news on artificial turf

To the Editors:

I was glad to see that Wilton Parks and Recreation has finally decided to replace the existing artificial turf at the Fujitani Field with a more sensible alternative to the existing turf, which incorporates crumb rubber.  Also, glad again that members of the Board of Selectmen are questioning the use of crumb rubber that is slated for installation at the Middlebrook Field. The recent announcement by the federal government to investigate the environmental and safety issues pertaining to artificial turf is long overdue.

It was unfortunate that Planning & Zoning was not made aware of the investigation to replace the turf at Fujitani Field earlier as I’m sure this would have had a great influence on the decisions that were made and voted on last November. Hopefully, the Board of Selectmen will make sure that the crumb rubber-type turf field never makes it to the Middlebrook  Field.
John Comiskey
58 Pine Ridge Road, Feb. 26