Letter: Goals alignment

To the Editors:

There is no reason that Wilton education, town boards and government, and taxpayers alike cannot share goals, objectives, and hopes for a stable and sustainable future. After serious and searching attempts with several education administrations, both executive and Board members, dating back through several iterations, TASC will again set forth some measures for aligning Wilton K-12 with what so many, from every corner of town, would recommend.

1)  Quantitatively objective performance plans in place, throughout the district, at every level.

2)  A financial incentive for the superintendent to reduce structure and cost in significant ways.

3)  Assignment of a faculty or staff member to be the specialist on cost-effectiveness and report periodically his/her results.

4)  Engage an independent auditor to examine expenditures, processes, and opportunities for improvement.

5)  Survey teachers, staff, parents, and students for creative ideas and suggestions for more effective methods, and especially recommendations for things not needed, not valued, and not used.

6) Have the superintendent carefully work with his cohorts in national associations and organizations to examine the work already performed that documents where savings and efficiencies can be found. Then take steps to implement those that are applicable, workable, and most useful.

7) Have the superintendent review the existing published material from consultants and authors on best education financial policies and practices. Documentation has been supplied to a former chairman of the BOE. This subject needs careful consideration — now.

There are more. This represents a long overdue and reasonable set of initiatives. We need objective plans, real incentives, assigned specialists, independent auditors, creative inputs from the people who are involved every day, and a top executive who personally collects and examines the work of his cohorts who also responsibly and aggressively seek alignment with other factions within their own jurisdictions.

And without such an interest and set of actions toward alignment, our financial authorities should in every way possible act to minimize budgetary funding and recommend non-support and non-acceptance from citizens until those items are solidly demonstrated.
J. R. Brenner
For TASC (Toward A Stronger Community)
Wilton, March 12