Letter: Glad to see Warrior Words continues

To the Editors:

As a former Wiltonian who now keeps up with Wilton happenings on Facebook, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see the Warrior Words column is still part of The Bulletin. The column holds a special place in my heart.

Back in the stone ages (also known as the late 90s), I wrote the inaugural Warrior Words column (though back then it was called Double Exposure). Together with another member of the Class of ’97, we opined on all things Wilton, from discipline policies at the high school, to the stresses of applying to college — probably not so different than the things on Wilton High students’ minds these days.

While I’m still mortified by the headshot I used along with my column back then, I have fond memories of my time on the soapbox writing Double Exposure, and am so glad it’s a tradition that has continued. A lot has changed in Wilton since I grew up there, but I’m glad to see this is one thing that has not.
Clare McMahon Graff
April 19