Letter: Giving Day gives local nonprofits a boost

To the Editors:

Thank you for your coverage of the March 10 Fairfield County Giving Day. Nonprofit organizations have clearly caught on to the event — nearly 450 registered to participate this year — but the public at large seems less aware. Hopefully, stories like yours will help.

This is the third year that Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has hosted a countywide Giving Day, with corporate sponsors providing the funds for cash prizes that range from $1,000 to the $20,000 grand prizes. Prizes are awarded to the nonprofits that raise the most money or have the highest number of donors, and they provide a powerful incentive for participation. They also introduce an element of friendly competition that fuels the passions (and generosity) of individuals in support of their favorite organizations.

One of the beauties of Giving Day is that the prize structure makes it possible for individuals to make a significant contribution even if they are unable to make a large donation. Who knows which gift — the one for $10 or $100 or $1,000 — made the critical difference in winning a top prize for number of donors?

Another plus is that ardent supporters who go to the fcgives.org website to contribute to a particular organization will likely find other organizations to support as well. Everyone wins.

As Giving Day becomes more widely known, it seems likely to become a popular way for individuals to make charitable donations — online, on one day in March, to organizations serving their own community. Look for the date next year and plan to “Give where you Live.”

Thanks to Fairfield County’s Community Foundation for hosting the Giving Day extravaganza; to Bank of America, and the growing number of other corporate sponsors, for donating the prize money; and to everyone who went online to make a Giving Day gift this year.
Carol Bogard
Powder Horn Hill Road, March 22