Letter: Garbage dumping is no joke

To the Editors:
I wanted to give a shout out to whoever threw two garbage bags full of empty beer cans (three cases to be exact) plus a few assorted vodka bottles onto Pond Road on Friday night, or more likely very early on Saturday morning. Judging from the quality of the contents, which were strewn all over the side of the road, it was no doubt college kids who decided it was better to dispose of the evidence of underage drinking by desecrating our roads.
It’s really too bad that people feel this is acceptable, but certainly given the alcohol intake, I am sure that whoever did it was thinking it might be funny. In any case, these have now been cleaned up. Hopefully, if there is a next time, you are more thoughtful and considerate and find a Dumpster.
Also, the Lafayette Track and Field T-shirt (size medium) that was also in the mess on the road has also been disposed of!
Tom Schneider
Sturges Ridge Road, July 27