Letter: Fourth of July is a great tradition

To the Editors:

This past Saturday, the town of Wilton gathered for the annual Fourth of July celebration, held at the athletic fields at the school complex. This event has become a great tradition in Wilton, starting with a fun road race in the morning, softball game in the afternoon, and culminating with live music and a fantastic fireworks display in the evening.
There is a tremendous amount of planning, coordinating and executing an event like this so that it goes smoothly and safely.
The Parks & Recreation Department would like to thank the Parks and Grounds department, Recreation Department staff, fire department, police department, WVAC, and CERT for providing the necessary services to permit a safe and fun evening. The department would also like to thank all of those in the community who purchased patron passes and night of parking passes. This sole source of income is what makes the Fourth possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.
We look forward to another great Fourth next year.
Mark Ketley, Chair
P &R Commission
Steve Pierce, Director
Parks & Recreation
Wilton, July 7