Letter: Fostering greater transparency

To the Editors:
Most of the Wilton citizens running for public office avow that their main concern is to rein in taxes. Yet, many of them have been on various town boards and have participated in decisions that have led to above-inflation budget increases. Moreover, many have strongly supported spending tens of millions of taxpayers money on non-emergency items like the Comstock Community Center and Miller Driscoll projects.
Sadly, the 'spend without end ' mentality has created a rift in the town that very likely would not have occurred had there been both a tighter rein on spending and far greater transparency in the lead-up to those two projects.
Therefore, to foster greater transparency and to avoid future spending fights, would it not make sense to change the town charter so that any proposed expenditures outside of normal town or school operations, would require set leadtimes for public notice and debate? For example, from $500,000 to two million: eight weeks notice and two public meetings; from two million to six million: 12 weeks notice and three public meetings, six million and over: 24 weeks notice and four public meetings. Note: each citizen attending those meetings should be allotted six minutes ( and not the paltry three; as previously done ) to voice their opinions.
Thomas Curtin
Tamarack Place, Oct. 19