To the Editors:

Mr. [Richard] Creeth of the Board of Finance made front page news last week advocating yet another survey in town. Mr. Creeth went online and found a New Jersey based survey services company that never did a Connecticut town survey for a potential cost of $10,000.00.

One problem is that we have done two town surveys — one free through Corridors,one via Board of Selectmen for $12,000. The result was that taxes are too high and must be lowered by cutting waste. The Board of Education did a Best Practices consultation for $200,000 that detailed $2,000,000 in cost savings. Both the Board of Selectmen and Board of Education did nothing to effect the recommendations.

The other problem is that we elected these individuals because they should have the pulse of the Town already in hand. Mr. Creeth has been kicking the can down the road with Wilton’s Board of Education for some time now for a business plan.

He should be keenly aware that Wilton taxpayers want transparent fiscal conservatism cutting waste in town — not another spendthrift idea to waste more money on a survey to tell us what we already know.

Kevin Hickey

Black Alder Lane

Jan. 1