Letter: Finding health and happiness at home

To the Editors:

In our over-scheduled society, family dinners and social ties are often on the bottom of our “to do” lists, but they are far more important than we think. Studies indicate that “community” is one of the biggest contributors to our health, happiness, and longevity.

As Stay at Home in Wilton celebrated their sixth Thanksgiving, they thank WEPCO, Stop & Shop, who provided the turkey, and the many dedicated Wilton residents and businesses who put family and community at the top of their “to do” list. Stay at Home in Wilton hosts cultural trips, educational programs, and social activities for seniors; and assists with computer help, home repairs, and rides when needed so members can live comfortably and conveniently in their own homes.

The group holds special events around the holidays for members, such as the Thanksgiving Potluck, a tradition that began in Phil and Anne Richards’ home. Phil and Anne would roast the turkey, guests would bring a traditional holiday dish or dessert to share, and everyone would sit around the family dining room table. Anne said, “It was a joyous occasion, and people enjoyed it so much they felt it should be a Stay at Home in Wilton tradition every year. And so it is!”

Members still bring a dish to share, the Richards still roast the turkey, but the celebration is held at WEPCO. While the group no longer fits around the Richards’ family dining room table; there’s still an undeniable sense of belonging and family. Can someone please pass the sweet potatoes?

Stay at Home in Wilton has become a home away from home for many who do not have family in town. There are almost 200 similar villages nationwide. It’s a terrific gift to give both you and your parents this holiday season. Visit: stayathomeinwilton.org or visit the “Village to Village” network at vtvnetwork.org to find a village near your loved ones.
Debbie McClelland
Wilton, Nov. 29