Letter: End the insanity with election

To the Editors:

Einstein is reputed to have said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Wilton is currently facing a financial crisis. We are in dire need of responsible fiscal management.

  • Since 2004 our property tax has increased by 56.3% while the cost of living (COLA) increased by 27.8%.

  • We built a school that has classrooms for which we do not have students, and for which we will  be paying the next 20 years.

  • Decisions were made based on obvious inflated pre-K data for at least six years, yet nobody noticed.

  • House values are dropping.

These and other problems were the result of bad decisions made by board officials. Wilton seems to have a penchant to recycle elected officials regardless of their past actions. See the current list of candidates running for the Board of Selectmen.

To paraphrase Einstein, insanity here in Wilton is voting for the same individuals for the Board of Selectmen who helped create the financial crisis Wilton is in and expecting different results.

There is some hope in the upcoming election. Instead of recycling past board members,  there are two highly qualified nominees, Lori Bufano and Joshua Cole, who can help bring new, fiscally responsible ideas to the Board of Selectmen and end the insanity.
Alex Ruskewich
Sensible Wilton
Calvin Road, Aug. 14