Letter: Editorial omitted Stay at Home

To the Editors:

In recent years, your regular year-end editorial has highlighted the value that Stay at Home in Wilton brings to the town by providing many local seniors, a group that allows them to maintain an active lifestyle. We appreciate that, as well as the frequent coverage of our activities. Unfortunately this year, there was no mention of Stay at Home in Wilton as a worthy cause for Wilton citizens to consider for year-end donations.

There are certainly many organizations worthy of consideration for such donations, but we would like to think that our efforts should be included in the year when we finally achieved over 100 members. Our recent fund-raising program has gotten considerable support from Wilton citizens, but we would hope that others might be guided to support our needs.

So far, the local support has allowed Stay at Home in Wilton to maintain our low membership fee while also supporting a number of residents that cannot afford even that. Stay at Home in Wilton offers a wide range of social activities as well as local transportation, and volunteers who provide simple fix-ups in the home in addition to what we call Friendly Visitors who stop in about weekly to just sit and talk with members who are homebound.

Further information is available at www.stayathomeinwilton.org

Thanks to all previous and current donors for your support.
Phil Richards
Board Chairman
Stay at Home in Wilton, Inc.
Wilton, Dec. 29