Letter: Early deaths are tragic

To the Editors:

Regarding the recent letter reflecting on the life of Robin Williams in comparison to Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Minister reflects on Robin Williams), it should be noted that Mr. Hoffman succumbed to his death by way of a heroin overdose and not suicide.

Although the manner in which Hoffman died was tragic, his persona not as engaging as Williams’, I was still saddened to read of his demise at the hands of drug addiction. In both cases children lost their fathers and wives were widowed as a result of these all-too-familiar illnesses.

I guess human nature allowed us to embrace the character of one who endeared himself to many throughout the course of his career (Williams) as opposed to one who did not (Hoffman). Regarding both actors, I prefer to remember their diverse body of work and how they touched many in their own unique way.

Gerard Lee

Ledgewood Drive, Aug. 26