Letter: Donors support Ambler Art Food and Wine

To the Editors:

It is with sincere gratitude that we acknowledge the overwhelming donor and volunteer support received for Ambler Farm’s Art Food and Wine evening on Friday April 25. We are grateful to committee members Beth Culnane, Ashley Kineon, Jeanne Robertson, Alison Semple, and Priscilla Thors for their creativity, generosity of spirit and countless hours of dedication to the event. Thank you to Tricia Rosen for the lovely centerpieces, The Cutting Board for the delicious food and Wilton Newcomers for sponsorship. Jon Ellenthal was our hilarious auctioneer and we appreciate his time and persuasive wit!

The Carriage Barn was transformed into a warm and inviting artist’s den with over 30 unique pieces of art decorating the space and representing our local community. Between the guests and the artwork, it was a very special night at the Farm.

We would like to thank all of the donors, including the following artisans and businesses, for participating and for supporting the event: Pat Blossom, Maya Boreen, Chris Burns, Lynda Campbell, Leslie Concannon, Karen Condron, David Dunlop, Michael Galullo, Peggy Garbus, Buffy Goodwin, E. Bennett Gough, Cathie Hartigan, Dorothy Hyde, Jim Inzero, David Kalman, Warren Kimble, Tara Kovach, Anne Kromer, Katya Labrija, Wendy MacCordy, Laurie Maggio, Deidre Mannix, Nancy McTague Stock, Michelle Miller, Karen Morneau, Shane O’Hara, Tracy O’Hara, Nina Pomerory, Heather Priest, Renew Art Cottage, River Road Gallery, Amy Schott, Jen Shelley, Andrea Topalian, Art Typermass, Pam Wertz, Jane Wolf, and Carol Young.

Thank you to the board and staff of the Friends of Ambler Farm, especially Kevin Meehan for the donation of a Day at Ambler Farm, Emily Humiston for the Daffodil Field of Dreams and Jonathan Kirschner for offering his gardening consultation package.

Lastly and most importantly, thank you to those who attended for your continued support of Ambler Farm and helping to maintain our very special place for all in the town of Wilton.

Cathy Ratcliffe

Elizabeth Etzbach

Special Events Co-chairs

Wilton, April 28