Letter: Donations for Wilton Center Tree Plan

To the Editors:

Looking for a gift for someone special that is creative, long lasting and memorable? Consider purchasing a tree to expand the greening of Wilton Town Center’s canopy. The gift of a tree is a wonderful way to honor someone special in your life or community, to mark a special occasion or milestone, or to memorialize a loved one.  It is also the green gift that keeps on giving, sharing its benefit with everyone in this and future generations.

The cost of donating shade trees such as a red or white oak, a red maple, or a tupelo tree is $500.   The cost includes the tree, planting and maintenance, as well as a marker identifying the tree and person in whose name the tree is donated. Trees donated now through early spring will be ordered for spring planting.

If you would like to donate a tree or find out more about the program, please contact Mike Conklin or Liz Larkin in Wilton’s Department of Environmental Affairs at 203-563-0180.     Tree donation forms also can be directly downloaded from the following link: www.wiltonct.org/departments/environmental/documents/Treedonationbrochure2014.pdf

The Wilton Tree Committee was formed to plant, protect and promote better understanding of the vital role of trees in the community. As part of the Wilton Center Tree Plan, the tree committee is tagging the tree inventory in the center. The tags allow the tree committee to track maintenance, changes and health, donors and ownership for the trees in Wilton Center.

Please consider a donation of a tree for the Wilton Center Tree Plan.

Wilton Tree Committee
Wilton, Feb. 16