Letter: Doing more harm than good

To the Editors:
Here they are again. The Lone Rangers of poor little Wilton’s salvation — Sensible Wilton. The “Show Me the Numbers Man” was back again last week representing all those unnamed citizens who do not write in to the local media or vote in public elections, telling all our government boards how to manage the town. Who are these Sensibles? Are there 6, 60, 600? Are they involved in the town in any way? Clearly not. Their mandate is to criticize, complain and challenge, not to volunteer and cooperate. Do their members really exist or are they just a few regular folks who have signed on and let one or two people fool and lure them with “Hey, follow me and we can cut your taxes”?
Their pronouncements purporting to be made in behalf of some unknown quantity of angry residents are little more than rabble rousing, polarizing acts of ego extension. This is not the way to improve government, encourage voluntarism or build camaraderie and confidence. Their ongoing series of threats and demands are hardly the appropriate way to usefully question, make suggestions and communicate with our leaders. Their most outspoken member, who brands himself as their president, carries on his anti-Wilton leadership crusade from his home grandstand as if he was the saving grace and elected leader of our downtrodden, cheated and hoodwinked population. First it was the sweeping election charges made, then two rejected petitions and before that the claim that Miller-Driscoll is a toxic building. Then it was their new-to-Wilton lawyer sparring with our longtime town counsel over Charter words, phrases and intents. And now, they proffer an encyclical to the selectmen to “come clean” with the facts and numbers that the selectmen have supposedly been hiding from all of us for some time. Meanwhile, they brazenly threaten “legal action” against our town costing all of us a lot while accomplishing nothing. It is hard to believe that these few would work so hard to inflict such damage.
Here I thought I was living in a pretty great place for the last 45 years, but now I read from this trash that it is all a sham of mismanagement, deception, misjudgment and cover-up. The charges are as ridiculous as those who make them. My friends, we are witnessing a calculated, straw-grasping program of attempts at inhibiting action that benefits all of us.
I am darn proud, happy and lucky as well to live here. I trust, honor and support our volunteer and elected folks whose time and efforts keep us going. For those who from their home computer couches complain, let them come out, volunteer, run for office and do something constructive; not just fire off their weekly literary missiles, threats and demands. Our 13-member building committee worked 2-1/2 years on the Miller-Driscoll project and every single Finance, Education and Selectman board member —30 of them— voted approval.
Sensible? Not in my book. Damaging, disruptive and costly to our town? YES.
Ray Moskow
Carriage Road, June 1