Letter: Dismayed by call to bar Syrian refugees

To the Editors:
We have read with dismay the call by some for the blocking of Syrian refugee resettlement and by others for the registration of all Muslims in this country.
Frankly, the former reminds us of what this country callously and disgracefully did with respect to refugees from Germany and the Holocaust — children as well as adults — before America's involvement in World War II, and the latter reminds us of what was done to Americans of Japanese descent right before the internment camps were set up. Those camps were a disgrace to the freedom we hold dear and were later the occasion for profound apologies by our government made by President Reagan.
Let’s not go down that road again as a fearful, reflexive reaction to horribly sad events. We are better than that, and the example we set of taking only right and just action in the face of evil is consistent with who we are as Americans and important for the entire world to see.
Wilton Interfaith Action Committee
Wilton, Dec. 2
This letter was submitted on behalf of the 32 members of the Steering Committee of Wi-ACT, a consortium of 10 Wilton faith institutions, Christian, Jewish and Muslim.