Letter: Disappointed but hopeful

To the Editors:

Why am I disappointed? (but glad the project was approved):

1.Many families with young children, probably numbering around 850, who are or will be most affected by the M-D project, did not vote.

2.The RTC did not take a stand in favor of the M-D project as did the DTC although I commend the chairman for strongly supporting the project prior to the vote.

3.The lack of civility shown at the town meeting by the rump group Sensible Wilton was not a model for our young people.

4.The presentation at the town meeting did not tie the educational specifications, worked on for years by the Board of Education and approved by the town boards, to the engineering requirements.

5.The poor showing by those in favor of the much-needed project will have a negative impact on the budget deliberations in the spring.

I am still hopeful this vote will be a wakeup call to all Wilton citizens wanting to maintain and improve our high education standards.

Gil Bray

57 Little Brook Road, Sept. 29