Letter: Development is a threat to neighborhoods

To the Editors:
There is a proposal currently before the Wilton Water Pollution Authority to extend the town sewer and to pave the way for 35 three-bedroom units to be constructed at 183 Ridgefield Road. Approval of this application would destroy the character of the neighborhood.

  1. The scale and density of this housing development is a dramatic departure from the previous two-acre zoning which has preserved the rural appearance of this section of Wilton.

  2. This new construction abuts Wilton Historic District # 2, Wilton Center Historic District, which includes numbered properties 65, 69, 70, 77, 80, 98-100 and 108 on Ridgefield Road (CT SHPO List of Historic designations 8104-8110), a stone's throw from 183. The setting for this rare and historically unique grouping of properties, centuries old, would be destroyed by this intrusion of such a cluster development.

  3. Ridgefield Road, a state scenic highway, would only see its picturesque nature of local flora diminished by the intrusion of high-density housing.

  4. This stretch of roadway, which is hilly and twisty, is already highly trafficked with vehicles traveling at high speed. It is a major thoroughfare for ambulances and fire trucks, school buses and cyclists. It has been the site of numerous traffic accidents including the death of a young child playing by the side of the road. Already traffic backs up at the stop light at Belden Hill. What will happen when the residents of 35 new homes try to turn left after returning from Wilton Town Center?

  5. The application is currently for sewers only. Where will these 35 units get their water? When 35 new water systems draw on the local aquifer what will happen to the wells down slope? It is too late for environmental protection when the well runs dry!

Only the greed of developers and their rapacious lawyers who have spent their careers paving Wilton dollar by dollar fuel this proposal. Any commissioner or selectman who approves any part of this project should be impeached. Every resident of Wilton should feel threatened. If public servants are willing to destroy this neighborhood for money, they are willing to destroy yours!

Steven Wander
Ridgefield Road, Feb. 28