Letter: Delaying zoning changes makes sense

To the Editors:

Zoning regulations in town would already permit age-restricted housing. For example, any of the cluster housing developments that already exist near Town Center, such as Avalon, Village Walk, Glen River, River Ridge or Wilton Crest, could have been built to serve seniors.

Regarding the radical change in Wilton’s zoning laws proposed by the developer, 183 Ridgefield Road, LLC., Town Planner Bob Nerney offered the Planning and Zoning Commission a number of issues to consider in a memorandum dated Sept. 20, 2017. One of these was a delay of 17 months to allow the completion of the Town's Plan of Conservation and Development  that “may provide the necessary forum for broader dialogue, consideration of updated statistical and demographic information, a better understanding of housing needs and a broader perspective with regard to understanding community-wide needs.”

Clearly, for so many reasons 183 Ridgefield Road is unsuitable for age-restricted housing because of:

  • Its lack of town water;

  • Its location in a sewer avoidance zone with the consequent risk of environmental damage to natural aquifers, such as Comstock Brook;

  • Its position at one of the most dangerous curves on one of the major traffic- and accident-prone streets in Wilton;

  • Its violation of the two-acre zoning which currently prevails in this neighborhood.

In his own remarks, Chairman Joseph Fiteni, stated “he would not have people accusing the commission … being in the pocket of developers” (The Wilton Bulletin, October 26, 2017, p. 18A). Chairman Fiteni can prove that by putting the best interests of the entire town ahead of the best interests of a single developer and vote with other commissioners to approve the moratorium and deny the AROD Application.
Steven Wander
Ridgefield Road, Nov. 10