Letter: Courtesy, not a roundabout, is what’s needed

To the Editors:

A  roundabout at Belden Hill?

This certainly reflects the mentality of our state officials in the 21st Century and the lack of understanding of our tendencies to waste money.

We have lived within half a mile of this intersection for 47 years and seen the changes in area traffic. Certainly it has increased greatly, but common sense by drivers as well as by state engineers could go a long way towards eliminating any crises, and at the same time preserving our rural community.

The stats on accidents and injuries, while unfortunate, do not seem to dictate such a drastic decision. Property must be purchased and vast sums of construction costs realized to accomplish such a roundabout. I fail to understand how any serious accident can occur by cars accelerating from 0 mph (after mandatory stop signs) to get across single-lane roads. Courtesy, alertness and caution are all that are required. Committing to being the fourth car to cross (assuming all four lanes are filled) while promptly taking your turn keeps traffic moving and respecting everyone’s need to waste as little time as possible.

There are alternate routes to avoiding this intersection also. Route 7 through Wilton should be addressed to accommodate more traffic as well as minimizing the amount of traffic lights and properly synchronizing those that are actually needed.

Since this involves the state, I am not sure if it is legal to post signs in addition to the stop signs which note a special increased fine for anyone found to cause an accident at this intersection. It is each driver’s responsibility and all taxpayers should not be penalized for wanton recklessness.
Lewis J. Marino
Wilton, April