Letter: Contract process is too rushed

To the Editors:

Having witnessed last week’s regular and special Board of Selectmen’s meeting, it appears that the taxpayers were subject to more arrogance and coercion by three members of the board  and the Miller-Driscoll Building Committee. On Friday, before the regular meeting, an addition was added to the agenda to give Mr. Brennan sole power to sign away $26,000,000 because there was an urgent need to do so. There was no public access to documents to understand why, which has been typical of the BOS and MDBC corrupted modus operandi of doing things secretly. What did become available was a boilerplate contract document that was available the day before the special meeting. There was no bid to contract explanation as to the process that led to the trade vendor selection. The MDBC did their due diligence of these trade contract winners in three days? MDBC chose the lowest bidder and not the bidder that is also cost-effective but highly reliable? The people doing the abatement are 74 miles from Wilton? Did we choose any minority or women-owned business that conform to Connecticut requirements? Did anyone look at the Connecticut judicial and other state websites to see the potential of lawsuits (and there are many)?

On the positive side, we have selectmen such as Ken Dartley and Michael Kaelin who see the madness of this secretive process. They are representing the taxpayers’ views that there should be honesty and transparency in town government whereas Brennan, Dubow, and McFadden do not. I strongly believe there should be a Miller-Driscoll renovation, but not in the corrupted manner that increases the costs from 5 to 22 to 30 and now 50 million dollars. And we do not appreciate Brennan’s final municipal act of coercing the public via duress.
Kevin Hickey
Black Alder Lane, Nov. 9