Letter: Conservation restrictions must be upheld

To the Editors:

Over the years, Wilton has paid more than $13 million for nine conservation restrictions to preserve and protect open space and create public access. Currently, our Board of Selectmen, with help from the Conservation Commission, is working hard to preserve trails at 180/240 Millstone Road in the locations originally designated by the former owners Tony and Sally Grassi and purchased as easements by the town for $2.2 million in April 2001.

The current owner, Millstone Property Holdings LLC, is working equally hard to change the location of the trails so that public access will be more limited and less intrusive to its private purposes.

To understand the issues better go to www.WiltonCt.org — Boards & Commissions — Media Videos/Audios — December 18, 2017 Board of Selectmen. If your time is limited at least view the public comments portion near the beginning of the video where I have expressed my opinions.  Thank you!
Frank Simone
Wilton, Dec. 20