Letter: Concert attire donations are welcome

To the Editors:
I would like to thank the many in people in Wilton who’ve taken the time to donate formal concert attire to the Wilton High School music program over the past two years. Students who participate in chorus, band or orchestra are required to purchase formal concert attire — a long black dress is ordered for the girls, and the boys must wear a tuxedo — and these costs are borne by the students and their families.
In 2013 we established a “Concert Attire Recycling Program.” It’s a simple, pay-it-forward arrangement whereby graduating students and those who are no longer participating in the music program can donate the attire they no longer need, and students are invited to “shop the closet” for appropriate attire before orders are taken in the fall.
We’ve provided dresses for more than 30 girls. Although we have not helped as many boys, a few have walked away with a complete tuxedo, or the longer pants they needed senior year, or larger shoes. Donations are accepted year-round (dresses, tuxes, or any tuxedo “parts”) and may be dropped off at WHS. For more information email WHSConcertAttire@gmail.com.
If you have a dress or too-small tuxedo in your closet, feel free to pass it along to this terrific free program. And thanks to all who’ve done so already.
Alison Conroy
Wilton, Sept. 12