Letter: Comstock renovations essential to programs

To the Editors:

The Comstock Community Center renovations are long overdue. The Social Services Department staff, clients, volunteers, and senior center users are adversely affected by the poor conditions. Additionally, the Parks and Recreation users who rely on programs for their children’s activities and organizations’ meetings are also affected. There is an untold waste of energy in the building due to leaky windows and poor climate control from an outdated and often broken HVAC system.

Many Wilton families who use the Parks and Recreation programming often need the availability of low-cost fees and the less competitive and “recreational” atmosphere of their sports programs as well as the convenience of location near Cider Mill, Middlebrook and Wilton High. The Social Services Department works closely with Parks and Rec staff to provide scholarships and discounts for needy families. Without the option of low-cost recreation, many children could not enjoy opportunities to learn and compete in sporting events. Parks and Rec programs provide an opportunity for all children in town to play and compete.

In order to ensure that Comstock Community Center remains a safe, secure and viable building that will remain in use for the next 20 years, town residents need to vote to support these renovations. None of us want to live in a town that does not support affordable recreational opportunities for its residents, of all ages. Other towns can offer beaches, lakes, and beautiful community centers for their citizens. Let’s make sure Wilton residents enjoy similar amenities!

Peg Koellmer

Wilton Commission

on Social Services

Wilton, April 7