Letter: Community center is worth investment

To the Editors:

The Comstock Community Center is a valued resource in Wilton used by all ages. Since a new center is not a possibility in the near future, it would benefit everyone who uses it to extend the building’s life.

Comstock is in need of a more reliable heating/air conditioning system. All too often activities are impacted by frigid rooms or the occasional burst of heat. Recently, our bridge group has had to play in our coats or be forced to find an empty room with some heat. Yoga classes have been advised to dress in layers. Additional bathrooms on the lower level are much needed.

With some judicious planning, the community center could serve Wilton for the next 20 years until a new center is feasible.

I would urge Wilton residents to support improvements at Comstock at the March 17 meeting of the Board of Selectmen when they will discuss details and cost estimates.

Carol Steiner

Rivergate Drive, March 3