Letter: Coaches vs. Cancer

To the Editors:

On behalf of the Wilton High School Girls Varsity Basketball team and the American Cancer Society, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for attending our first ever Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game on Friday, Feb. 3, against Bridgeport Central. Coaches vs. Cancer, an event created by the American Cancer Society, was formed by coaches and teams that wanted to take a stand in the fight against cancer and has expanded within recent decades to hundreds of teams across the country. The money raised at these events benefits the American Cancer Society in its goals to fund cancer research and to support cancer patients. I am beyond pleased to inform our town and all contributing individuals that this was Wilton's first ever Coaches vs. Cancer event and proved successful in raising over $600.

Through my personal experiences of playing on various basketball teams over the years, I have found basketball to be a common force that drives people of diverse backgrounds together to create something special. Similarly, cancer, although unbearably challenging, proves powerful in its ability to unite people of different backgrounds and circumstance in order to spark a meaningful change. As our two teams huddled together at half court prior to the start of the game in the midst of a motivated crowd of supporters, all of whom have been affected by cancer, this fact was apparent. Our teams and all of the individuals who worked hard to make the night a success had truly joined hands with one another to take a stand in the fight against cancer and to be the difference. This difference would not have been attainable without the dedication and support from all who attended the event, including those who made generous donations at the entrance or at the concession stand, those who helped publicize the event, and those who cheered on the teams. Thanks again for making this wonderful night so special for our team!
Lauren Robertson
Junior, WHS girls varsity basketball
Wilton, Feb. 20