Letter: Citizens not properly informed of school vote

To the Editors:

Since the news articles reporting the State Elections Enforcement Commission unanimously agreeing to Sensible Wilton’s complaint of law violations in the referendum process, Sensible Wilton has been getting emails from other outraged Wilton citizens. We would like to share one quote from a much longer note, as it also touches on the fairness issue.

“I also follow what is going on in the town, the state and nationally in print and online. After much online searching of all publications, the only pre-vote notification that I could find was in the Wilton Bulletin (which we do [not] receive, we get the Wilton Villager and I do not recall any mention of the bonding vote, let alone a breakdown of costs, anywhere).”

To attempt to spend $50 million without adequately informing the citizens of the town to allow them to make a proper decision is unacceptable. In the private sector this would never be allowed.

I encourage other Wiltonians to contact SensibleWilton@yahoo.com to share your feelings. It is also important that you also share your feelings with the BOF, BOS, and BOE.

Alex Ruskewich

Calvin Road, Oct. 22