Letter: Chanting incident goes beyond ‘teachable moment’

To the Editors:
I read with great sadness and disappointment of the latest unfortunate incident involving students at Wilton High School. After reviewing the available facts, and listening to the audio tape of the students chanting during the basketball game against New Britain High, I'd say at best their behavior was unsportsmanlike in the extreme, and if I misheard it, racially offensive and inexcusable. That such behavior could occur at all, after the shouting of racist chants at the 2016 football game against Danbury High School, and the defacing of walls in 2014 with swastikas, suggests we may have an institution that is “culturally insensitive” at the very least.
The prior incidents were termed “teachable moments,” as has been this one. Perhaps the administration and staff need to undertake a thorough assessment of our students, in terms of their level of awareness of these matters. Might I also suggest that a starting point could be a school-wide discussion of the appropriateness of the Native American iconography found on the school's logo? A feathered lance through a figured “W” seems to me worthy of careful reflection at this moment in time. With proper guidance, who knows what might come of such an undertaking?
Kevin J. Craw
Wilton, March 18