Letter: Change the 15% rule

To the Editors:
A significantly higher percentage (roughly 10%) of voters decided the proposed town budget was too high and voted against it.
A 10% margin in a vote for public office would be called a “decisive victory.”
In Wilton, the No Too High voters did not win. They lost and walked away disenfranchised and disillusioned with the Town Charter and town governance.
In my opinion, the high number of “No” voters is partially a referendum on the mismanaged Miller-Driscoll folly.
Many in town continue to be upset with the way the M-D renovation was forced through under the table, with many violations of fair play and perhaps the law.
The town denied them the opportunity for a re-vote saying those who did vote would be disenfranchised. Rubbish. They could always vote again.
But those in the majority who voted “No” on the budget are truly disenfranchised. The majority does not get another chance to vote on this year’s budget.
It is time to change to the charter that disenfranchises voters, stacks the deck in favor of more spending and fails to bring voters to the polls.
The charter must be revised to eliminate the 15% restriction.
Let us vote separately for/against the school and town hall budgets. There is no good reason for the town budget to go up as fast as the school budget, as it has since 2000.
It is a wake up call for town hall.
Ed Papp
28 Walnut Place, May 12