Letter: Captive on Metro-North

To the Editors:
It was a typical night on the Danbury Line, Wednesday a week ago. The 5:49 p.m. from Grand Central limped into South Norwalk, typically slowly and invariably late. Since it's a big hub of a station, many people got up from their seats to leave. Quickly, the double buzz signaled to the engineer from the conductor and we were off to the north on the Danbury spur.
There was one small problem: the conductor forgot to open the the doors. Admittedly, he was new. Never seen before or since. When confronted by his new captives, he seem perplexed, like Niels Bohr trying to figure out the position of a light-speed electron in a hydrogen atom.
He apologized 'for the inconvenience' and let his victims know there would be a train going south from Merritt 7 to take them back to South Norwalk. What he didn't say was the next train south was scheduled to roll in 45 minutes later, but would typically arrive 55 minutes later.
We can thank our abysmal, uncaring political class for doing nothing to help us for decades. And of course, This — is Metro-North!
Nicholas R. Battista
Hickory Hill Road, May 12