Letter: Can Wilton balance its books?

To the Editors:

Having seen the recent Board of Finance meeting, it appears that Wilton’s finance department is quite inept, leading to very questionable accounting of taxpayer revenue. We have a chief financial officer (no degree in accounting) who has no understanding of accounting policies as they apply to our finances. Having changed for some inexplicable reason the auditors to Blum and Shapiro, there is now a delay in filing a timely audit. There appears to be a very important finance person who is ill or has not been to the office.

Don’t you think Ms. Dennies should be able to answer important questions posited by the auditors? Ms. Dennies has no understanding of internal checks and balances to make sure there is strict compliance to stop theft or waste. Ms. Dennies has also uncovered  $120,000 in the budget to help with Mr. Brennan’s fiber optic project.  The same fiber optic project that was unanimously rejected by the BOF last year.  She apparently forgot that.

Does anyone know what happened to the thousands of dollars that was allegedly misappropriated by the Board of Education Director of Facilities who was terminated in 2012? In addition, Mr. Brennan’s Yankee Gas pet project was approved by the BOF even though he made false and misleading statements that the Town Energy Commission “carefully calculated $500,000 in cost savings for the town.” Don’t you think the BOF would ask for the document that shows those careful calculations? As evidenced by the recent meeting, it appears that Mr. Serenbentz and Mr. Alper are more concerned with haranguing citizens who question the role of the BOF rather than listening to their concerns.

We have a big problem with finances in this town and we are proceeding with a $50-million school renovation to be overseen by the same finance people who cannot balance the books properly?

Kevin Hickey

Black Alder Lane, Nov. 20