Letter: CT is in the tube and going down

To the Editors:

The political class is talking about raising taxes to help the unfortunate. This is one of the oldest tropes in the political playbook. We don’t need higher taxes so the government can spend more money. We need jobs and lower taxes to stimulate growth and stop the economic decline.

Enough is enough. The political class has to focus on pro-growth policies, not false promises which speed the economic demise.

Connecticut is losing population, our manufacturing base, our skilled workforce and hope for the future.

We are in a debt spiral borrowing money to pay off the debts on our debts. Our attention is being distracted by endless discussions about tolls and the legalization of marijuana. Both of which will probably come and citizens will pay for the tolls and eventually pay for the burdens of legalized THC which will be a huge net negative both financially and socially. THC is 20 times more potent than marijuana. Colorado is finding this out. Think brain damage, ER visits, auto accidents, deaths and loss-of-motivation syndrome.

We need lower taxes, less regulation, fewer laws, lower debt, more jobs and a vast improvement in our lacking political class. Good luck

Jim and Hella McSweeney

Wilton, June 30