Letter: CPR event’s effects will be long-lasting

To the Editors:
It feels so inadequate to try to thank the Hands for Life Westport Weston Wilton 2015 Steering Committee by written words.
Each one of you brought so much to the steering committee — dedication, energy, ideas, support, humor, but most importantly each of you became a friend. It has been a “looooong” journey since I first met with Monica and Brie last summer, but it has been an adventure I wouldn’t trade for the world. Not only did we successfully, efficiently and smoothly train 425 people yesterday, but we did so in a fashion that received tremendous positive feedback from both the volunteers as well as participants.
To me, one of the most special outcomes of this endeavor was the partnering of agencies, people and organizations that have never partnered before! Our passion for the cause is all that was needed. I sincerely hope that your time on this project was as enjoyable and fulfilling as it was to me. I have learned so much from each one of you — and I even got a kitten, too! Thank you!
I know we fell short of our training goal in terms of numbers, but honestly I believe there is so much good that has and will come from the event that a number is relatively meaningless. In the end, no one will care or remember the actual number of people trained, but they will remember how we did it. Being remembered for our character is what really matters and that is what I am most appreciative for in you all.
Nancy R. Capelle, EMT, CET
Former Steering Committee Chair
Wilton, May 4