Letter: Budget story headline is misleading

To the Editors:

Despite proposed cuts, budget remains intact.

It’s shocking to see that The Wilton Bulletin chose such a misleading headline for its cover story of the May 3 Annual Town Meeting concerning the 2017 Fiscal Year Budget.

This deceptive and conclusive set of words totally ignored the fact that the ultimate determination of the budget’s status would not be known until the end of the day on Saturday, May 7, when voters would be able to cast their ballots from 9 to 6 at the Clune Center. Yet the clever phrasing of the headline clearly suggested that voting results at the May 3 meeting were irreversible and the outcome had already been clearly determined.

This is troubling for several obvious reasons.

1.) Wilton has had a long and unsuccessful history of getting voters to turn out in sufficient numbers to be able to reverse budget increases, especially those recommended by the Board of Education which too often have been “justified” by their proponents with “soft,” non-essential education improvement arguments which again were very much in evidence in the May 3 meeting, I might add. So if voters were led to believe the 2017 budget was, in fact, “intact,” thanks to The Bulletin’s word manipulations many of them may have asked themselves why should I bother to take the time to go to the Clune Center to cast a ballot on May 7 … especially with the weather being as wet and miserable as it has been the past few weeks; ditto the flower show taking place on the same day; Minks & Sinks, etc, etc.

2.) Last, but not the least of my concerns, is your publication’s history of avoiding any kind of objective editorial support for the growing number of Wilton taxpayers who are seeking objective and fiscally responsible annual budgets from the Board of Education. You owe it to the town to be an objective voice for all of our citizens.
Theodore N. Williams
Carriage Road, May 9