Letter: Brubeck development plans in Wilton are disturbing

To the Editors:

I would like to thank The Wilton Bulletin for covering the Brubeck Trust’s development of our pristine wetlands. Otherwise, the general population of Wilton would not have known about it. The only reason I’m aware of it is through a terse legal notice I received from the Inland Wetlands Commission stating, “access and development of six lots,” delineating addresses on Millstone and Hickory Hill roads. I attended the hearing on July 28th, only to learn it was continued until Aug. 11th. The commission did not alert the public on its website about this continuance before we arrived. When I requested a synopsis of the plans, I was told the commission is not legally authorized to reveal them.

In the interest of full disclosure, this development profoundly impacts my property, as the Hickory Hill Road access driveways are right next door to my home. The new driveways will be very close to my house and the one next door to the south. Many old and beautiful trees will be cut down to make way for the very long driveways. Streams and pools that run behind my home on the wetlands will be cut through to make way for the vehicular traffic. And notwithstanding what the developers or commission say, “best management practices” will not ameliorate the permanent disruption to all of us who live around these lots. The long duration of construction will be unendurable and very disruptive, especially as the construction equipment and crews continually run up and down Hickory Hill Road. I will pay particular attention to my property lines to ensure they are not encroached upon by any construction equipment or personnel.

It troubles me that the Inland Wetlands Commission is going to allow this very extensive development. Interestingly, the South Norwalk Water District, on whose watershed all of these properties lie, was given the plans and allowed to comment on them. The Hickory Hill Road access is especially troubling; much construction materiel will run down this corridor, no doubt. All of these properties can be accessed through the Brubeck Trust properties that border Millstone Road. Therefore, there is no need to plow through and disturb the natural growth, streams and wetlands behind the homes on Hickory Hill Road. I will further review and copy the Trust’s plans I require to more fully understand their impact. And I will attend Thursday’s hearing.
Nicholas R. Battista
Hickory Hill Road, Aug. 7