Letter: Brennan lays out the facts Sensible Wilton ignores

To the Editors:
Amen and hats off to First Selectman Bill Brennan for setting the record straight in a strong factual manner with Sensible Wilton. It is time someone put forth the facts of this renovation and what these “well-intended” people are doing to Wilton. Bill has pointed out both the flaws and dangers in their continuing efforts to thwart the Miller-Driscoll renovation.
Bill details the project requirements and the implications of not moving forward. He points out the distractions and undermining of the town’s responsibilities, and the technical inaccuracies being disseminated. He enumerates a dozen specific and vital improvements needed for the school structure. He defines the operational efficiencies necessary to accomplish the construction. He explains the contractual damages and legal issues related to a delay in proceeding. Wilton’s legal counsel wrote, “The petitioners are naively underestimating the legal chaos and substantial expense that would ensue if the town were to renege on its commitments to the issued bonds and signed contracts.”
For 45 years here in Wilton, we have watched dedicated people volunteer and be elected to education, finance, selectman, and other positions of governmental responsibility. They have worked tirelessly to build this town into the welcoming location that it is. Make no mistake, Sensible Wilton with their many negative public missives, constant petitions, etc., is damaging this community, causing dissension and polarization. They use disruptive tactics and foster potentially costly results. Recently, Sensible Wilton distorted short-term enrollment figures without acknowledging that this rebuild is designed to last for a half-century of enrollment cycles. Sensible’s criticisms show no understanding and appreciation for these factors. Now is the time to get it right for the short and long term.
Some of our best townspeople worked on this proposal and those selected to lead our town have universally approved and endorsed the plan. Knowing many of them for more than four decades, I have witnessed their truly outstanding management of our growth. I ask again that you support, endorse, encourage, and thank them.
I respectfully urge everyone to pass this message along to friends and neighbors who share a conscience for our community. The time is now to speak up and support our elected officials and volunteers. More of us should take pen to paper or fingers to keyboards to express our agreement.
I believe that we are fortunate to live in Wilton: a town steeped in positive history, controlled growth, superior education systems and facilities, all of which make for a highly desirable long-term family destination. I believe Sensible Wilton has already and is continuing to damage our town with false and frivolous contentions, public actions and with literary “grenade throwing” in an attempt to undermine a fair, honest and decisive vote. I am saddened to see this happen and I sincerely hope that my fellow residents, who admire our town as I do, will be of common belief and action.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Ray Moskow
Carriage Road, April 3