Letter: Boucher solicits thoughts on taxes

To the Editors:
Higher taxes are the last thing we need in Connecticut, but that’s what will happen in 2016 if Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has his way. (“Fix, improve transportation system without tax increases and tolls,” Chris Powell column, Jan. 6) The governor says he “absolutely” believes Connecticut’s residents will “rise to the challenge” of paying for his $100,000,000,000 transportation plan.
Democrats in Hartford have hiked our state taxes twice by record amounts over the past five years. Exactly what do you think Gov. Malloy means when he says taxpayers will “rise to the challenge?”
Our Republican budget alternative plan contained no new taxes and no tolls while funding our transportation priorities for decades.
What are your thoughts on paying higher taxes? Contact us at Toni.Boucher@cga. ct.gov and Len.Fasano@cga.ct.gov or at 800 842-1421.
Toni Boucher, Wilton
Ranking State Senator on the legislature’s Transportation Committee
Len Fasano, North Haven
Senate Minority Leader
Hartford, Jan. 6