Letter: Book sale a big success

To the Editors:
The Wilton Library’s annual book sale was again a huge success. Our thanks for this success are extended to the loyal book sorters who work all year, under the leadership of Jan MacEwen and Jan Galletly, to organize what book buyers say, “You have the best book sale around.”
We thank the Wilton Library staff, the many book sale and cashier volunteers who worked throughout the days of the sale, the ABC scholars, Boy Scout Troop #20, Wilton Rotary, and Dunkin’ Donuts. In addition, we are most appreciative of the many Wilton residents who allow our book sale lawn signs to be placed on their property.
A very special thank you to Patty Connor for assisting in so many of the necessary tasks of the sale and to Dan Riley, our cashier chairman. Finally, we are most grateful to all the friends, near and far, of the Wilton Library, who came and bought books.
The book bins on Godfrey Place will reopen on May 11 for books you wish to donate. The Wilton Library will participate again in the town’s street festival on Saturday, July 18, with a book sale.
Lila Griswold
Janet Zuckerman
Pat Gould
Wilton, May 4