Letter: Blight ordinance needs to be enforced

To the Editors:

After reading last week’s newspaper article entitled, Combating Blight: Wilton’s Collaborative Approach to Rare Occurrence, and after dealing with various town departments and elected officials over the past 18 months regarding a neighbor’s home that is one of the rare blighted homes in the town of Wilton, it is painfully obvious that changes need to be made in the way our town deals with the enforcement of our blight ordinance.

While I was not part of the committee or government group that wrote this ordinance I have to believe it was written to protect homeowners, who pay a substantial amount of taxes to the town of Wilton, from neighbors who choose not to: mow their lawns, remove weeds from growing up the side of their residences, paint their peeling homes, repair broken shutters and gutters, remove limbs, garbage and debris from their yards and repair/remove unsafe outbuildings and structures that are on their property. The town needs to protect our home values, which are already severely depressed, giving us the opportunity to resell our homes and to protect our children who play in and around these homes that contain structures that have caving roofs, walls that are falling in, broken windows and present a serious safety hazard to the safety and well-being of our neighborhood children.

I am the individual noted in the article by Kendra Baker who attended Lynne Vanderslice’s July luncheon meeting, as a last resort, to ask for her help in getting this situation addressed by the town. Lynne promised that she would look into the matter and get back to me, which she promptly did. Having said that, nothing has changed and this blight situation continues to exist. I still do not know if it is the zoning department or the building department that is responsible for dealing with the enforcement of this ordinance, since I have been referred from one department to the other, but I do know our town government must find a way to deal with this problem in the town of Wilton and find a way to enforce the blight ordinance regardless of whatever personal situations exist.
Name withheld upon request
Wilton, Sept. 13