Letter: Better management gets results

To the Editors:

Being increasingly alarmed with the ever-increasing school budget, in spite of the decreasing enrollment, driving the ever increasing mill rate, I decided to look at the financial history of two towns, Wilton and Westport. The data source is official state data from the Office of Policy Management (OPM), and covers the period from 2004 to 2016 (the latest available).

Key facts during the period:

You will notice that in spite of a lower population growth, an actual decrease in school enrollment in Wilton versus an increase of over 10% in Westport, the Educational Expense increase reported was 14.9% greater for Wilton. This, in turn, was probably a major reason why Westport was able to decrease its mill rate by 2.01 mills while Wilton increased its mill rate by 6.73 mills.

The Board of Education continues to claim that if Wilton does not give them more money, our students will be deprived. I ask what happened to all the money they were given in the past 12 years? Westport’s results show what better management can do.
Alex Ruskewich
Sensible Wilton
Wilton, March 13