Letter: Bent rules, mistakes in judgment

To the Editors:
According to the article in today’s [Feb. 19] Wilton Bulletin, the Board of Selectmen is “adamant it cannot call a revote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation project.” While I believe this is true, there have been numerous questions regarding the impropriety of the selectmen’s behavior.
First Selectman Brennan claims that rules must be abided. It has been reported that rules may have been bent in order to get the vote that the selectmen were campaigning for. There were irregularities regarding the vote on the Miller-Driscoll renovation.
I have heard from community members about this vote and probably mistakes in judgment were made by the boards involved.
In the letter from Mr. LoFrisco he mentioned the “contrived” vote to find a “hardship” if it didn’t approve the vote to allow to allow the 70-foot light-posts. The ZBA violated its own regulations and instructions.
Rebecka Tucker
Coley Road, Feb. 19